Patriot vs OCZ vs Corsair

I'm going to buy 2x2GB 1066MHz DDR2 memory, but which brand is worth the money? Patriot is about $80, OCZ and Corsair are about $120.
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  1. Where are you buying your memory from. There is no reason for DDR2 memory to be that expensive if you live in the US or Canada.
  2. In regards to actual brand names, most high performance modules are the same. Only differences matter when really overclocking the modules.

    Go for the best price for timings and speed. IMO, read reviews on Newegg or something to see the reliability of the RAM in question. (I've had a friend who bought some Corsair RAM; most ratings on Newegg complained of defective modules, and what do you know, my friend's modules failed on him...)
  3. Personally I like OCZ, but do as PCKid777 says and pick the best prices, timing and, speed.
  4. I've always liked Corsair, but all of them are good. You shouldn't have to pay that much though. It should cost $50-$70 for 4 gigs of good DDR2-1066, such as this stuff:
  5. I'm living in Iran, where strange things always happen ;)

    IMHO Patriot should be the right choice regards to the pricing [about $20 more expensive than newegg]. Don't know why other brands are too expensive here.

    I'm not a fan of OCing, whats the difference between these timings ?
    OCZ Blade : 5-5-5-18 looks great regards to the OCing and low voltage.
    Patriot Viper : 5-5-5-15

    Edit : I'm going to use Intel Q9550 + ASUS P5Q mobo [Intel P45]

    Thanks a lot for advance
  6. You should read this.

    The Patriot will be faster according to theory, but whether it is noticeable I don't really know. For $80 it is your best choice.
  7. Thanks a lot for help, will go with the Patriot :)
  8. Generally, tighter timings offer a better memory subsystem throughput. You can see the increase with synthetic benchmarks. In real world application the difference is non-existent to barely visible.
  9. I would usually go for the lowest voltage if possible - it will run cooler, likely more stable, and put less stress on the memory controller. You can get DDR2-1066 at 1.8 volts now, which is the way to go if possible.
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