The X58 Chipset...

I was reading this post about i7 socket mobos and someone posted that the ECS BLACK SERIES X58B-A LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail found on newegg was a good and cheap mobo


When i went to newegg to check it i saw that it had 3 1star reviews so i had to check what they was complaining about. They we're all complaining about the same thing, that it runs good with one memory inserted but it runs slow with 2 memory inserted.

Well is'nt this just because the x58 and intel i7 should really not be runned with dual slots as the old processors and instead should be runned along with 3 memorys inserted.

Like for example:
How not to do:
Insert 2x2gb of DDR3 OCZ Platinum

How to do:
Insert 3x1gb or 3x2 gb of DDR3 OCZ Platinum/Gold
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