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  1. I think I would look for a PSU from a highly-regarded manufacturer, like Corsair, Antec, Thernaltake, or Seasonic. Don't cut corners on the PSU, a bad one can fry your system.
  2. That crappy PSU should be fine with at GTS450, but I wouldn't trust it with a GTX460. Now you may be able to run your PC and a GTX460 just fine on that PSU, but personally I wouldn't chance it. Read up on PSU tiers here

    If you want something to last you a while and perhaps allow you to SLI down the road get at least a tier 3 unit. If you just want a decent budget PSU for now go with a tier 4, but for the love of fluffy bunnies don't go with a tier 5 PSU or anything that's not even on the list!!!!!!!!!
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