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hello there i have a problem getting my crucial ballistix running at 1066mhz, every time i set it to that my pc boots fine, then blue screens, i noticed that the ram runs at 2v but my mboard (gigabyte ga-ma790fx-dq6) only has the ram voltage set at 1.8v would it be this that is causing the bsod? and if so is it as simple as me just putting the voltage on the mobo up to 2v and this should solve my issues? i have asked many different people about this and had many different answers, some people say alter timings, timings of the ram are set to 5-5-5-15, im sorry, i know very little about overclocking etc and if i have missed some important info out please go easy on me. its just really annoying me now that i have to run my ram at 800mhz, some people say this is a cpu limitation due to the combination of my motherboard and my amd 9750 cpu, however both amd techs and gigabyte techs claim that this is not a limitation with either of these products. thanks in advance for the help
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  1. There's no need to run RAM @ 1066. There's really no application besides benchmarking that will gain any performance benefit. But if it's factory 800 @ 2v and trying to OC then you probably should bump the voltage to 2.1 or 2.2 but could reduce the lifespan of the modules that's why over clocking is risky. It may not even be capable of running 1066Mhz but some brands can from 800 stock. It depends on how good the company supplying the product is. If you're going for higher clock than you will loosen the timing 5's sound tight for 1066 maybe try 7's and then 6's if it's stable.
  2. the ram is 1066 at stock, and the stock timings are 5-5-5-15 it is crucial ballistix, several people i have spoke to say theres runs fine with that timing and that voltage, hence why i thought it could have been mobo or cpu limitation, when i asked crucial about it they said there was no need to alter timings, but maybe i should give it a go, the stock voltage of the ram is 2v but my mobo is currently set at 1.8 so i am really unsure, i know that oc can reduce life, but its just that seeing as though i paid for 1066 i really want to make the most out of it, kinda feel a bit cheated only having it run at 800mhz, would have bought a real good 800mhz over these 1066 modules, just really want to get the most out of my comp
  3. In what way are you trying to get them from 800 to 1066. By upping the fsb or changing the fsb:dram ratio?
  4. Well underclocking the RAM and lowering the voltages will help it out a bit. It'll make your RAM last longer and be more reliable, and with lower voltages, much cooler. It takes the strain and load off the memory essentially, and 800MHz RAM is plenty fast, I assure you.
  5. i was just altering the ram in the bios option, then when it blue screened i just left it back at 800, i do alot of video editing using high grade industry standard software and although 800 is fast enough, 1066 would make my job easier when applying visual effects and rendering scenes. it is the fact that i paid for 1066 and am only getting 800mhz that is bothering me, feel a little cheated, and although it will make the ram last longer, i have an extended lifetime gaurantee so if the ram lasts 1 year or 10 it is not of major concern really, what the concern is, is completing my work as quickly and efficiently as i can
  6. the option in my bios just aloud me to alter the mhz of the ram, it has set it to 800 as a standard thing, still no way of telling if this is a hardware compatibility issue between my mobo and processor
  7. hi

    with gigybite theres a performance section with in the M.I.T section of the bios

    to get to it enter M.I.T section then hit ctrl + f1 change your timings and bump volts to 2.0 or 2.1 what ever your ram calls for

    thats what i did for my Gskill 1066 ram
  8. the options i have to alter ram voltages are
    and so on up to
    im a little bit dubious about upping the voltage as there is no real clear indicator as to exactly how much it is being raised by, i mean surely 0.5 of a Volt is nothing right? i mean i may be wrong, i dunno, but as for the timings
    they are all over the place
    exactly which timings should be 5-5-5-15? there is a list of about 10 timings i can alter
  9. The voltage standard for DDR2 RAM is 1.8v. You choose +.2v to get your RAM running at its rated voltage of 2v. I don't know why people here are discouraging your from trying to get your RAM running at DDR2 1066. The onboard RAM controllers on AMD chips do benefit from the extra bandwidth.

    I would manually set your RAM to DDR2 1066 at 5-5-5-15 timings and 2v (+.2v) in the BIOS since that's what the manufacturer rated it at. Setting the voltage to the recommended voltage is fine and won't void your warranty.

    The 5-5-5-15 timings will be the first 4 values.
  10. thank you dude, very helpful and informative response :)
  11. Any time! Let us know how it goes.
  12. Second what shortstuff said. just manually set the voltage and timings and you will be good. Totally worth it and you have very good RAM.
  13. thanks :)
    right then here we go, this is a list of the options i have to alter and their current values, i will lay it out so you can see what the current timing is and then what the timing options i have to set it to, in my head this is easy to read i hope it is for you guys, cuz i have so many different options, wanna make sure i got this right
    ok (stuff in brackets is the timing options i have

    cas# latency=5t (3t,4t,5t,6t)

    1T/2T command timing=2t (1T,2T)

    TWTR command delay=3t (1T,2T,3T)

    write recovery time=3t (3T,4T,5T,6T)

    precharge time=3t (2T,3T)

    row cycle time=24t (11T,12T,13T,14T,15T,16T,17T,18T,19T,20T,21T,22T,23T,24,25T,26T)

    ras to cas r/w delay=5t (3T,4T,5T,6T)

    ras to ras delay=3t (2T,3T,4T,5T)

    row precharge time=5t (3T,4T,5T,6T)

    minimum ras active time=18 (5T,6T,7T,8T,9T,10T,11T,12T,13T,14T,15T,16T,17T,18T)

    these are all the settings that are preset automatically by my motherboard, i really dont understand why it is that they arent just set to 5-5-5-15, so please if someone can highlight which timings it is i need to alter, also what do i do with the rest of the timings? do i leave them? or do i need to mess with these aswell?
  14. number before the brackets is the current settings of each timing, in brackets is the options i have to alter timings by
  15. also the ram is currently running in unganged mode 64bit, do i need to alter this aswell?
  16. Be advised that on any BIOS reset, the voltage will return to the JEDEC Standard 1.8V. So, if you get your RAM working on non-standard settings, write them down and stick it in your case, or otherwise save them so you can refer to them when needed.
  17. no probs man, thanks, gotta work out which timings need changing first, but i will be sure to make a note on it :)
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