Nvidia 8300gs Driver Crash

After about a year and a half, my 530s dell computer has crashed and has streaking gray bars across my monitor screen I've isolated the problem down to my video card driver (8300gs) since after I uninstalled it, my computer worked fine with the Standard VGA Adapter but a LOT of functions are limited. After checking the Device Manager, it always lists my 8300gs driver as not working due to Code 43. I've tried reformatting and reinstalling OS but nothing has worked, and tried different nVidia driver versions but nothing has worked.. However, when I reinstall the video card driver back, the same crash happens. Any solutions?
Intel E6550 @2.33GHz
Nvidia 8300gs
Windows Vista 32 Bit
Samsung SyncMaster 204BW Monitor"
I've also decided to trash my video card and power supply and buy new ones due to their poor dell quality but would like to know if these new items would solve this problem at all.
PS: I've been experiencing a lot of nvlddmkm.sys errors before the fatal crash.
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Try the Omega drivers.
  2. You may have a bad video card.
  3. I had the same problem with a Dell Inspiron 530 machine running Vista Ultimate installed with an Nvidia Gforce 8300 gS and getting an error 43. Machine would fatally crash everytime and screen is all pixelated with garbage. Tried doing several things to recover:

    1. Tried restoring windows to an earlier entry point. (did not work)
    2. Tried cold boot and F12 to enter startup menu, selected the "Fix or repair Windows" which took about 20 minutes or so. It determined that I had a video driver issue or possible corruption. Went through the fix and then it restored windows. (this did not work, but at least I am narrowing down the problem)
    3. At this point I am beginning to think total OS reinstallation, so I rebooted the computer and enter F12 and proceeded to start windows in safe mode. I cleaned up my computer, backed all important files to an external drive, then opened up the device driver inside control panels, located the nvidia card, then clicked on the driver tab. I uninstalled the nvidia driver completely. It gave me a bunch of warning, but just answer OK to those. After uninstall, I rebooted the computer up again and entered windows normally. After I was back on the desktop, Vista reinstalled the nvidia drivers from back up file I had on a D: partion, designed for such recoveries. If you do not have this kind of setup, then make sure you have the Nvidia Driver CD, because you would need that to reinstall the driver. I rebooted the computer one more time and all is working. As a matter a fact, the computer is running alot faster right now after the driver reinstall and of course the clean up. I am guessing some update I received either from automatic updates or other third party software possibly even Norton, caused the driver corruption.
    The last option is always reinstalling the OS and all drivers over again, but only as a last resort. If all that doesn't work and 98% percent of the time it usually does, then it may be a bad video card.
  4. (I googled my problem and this is the first link I got, hope you can help me)

    -Dell Inspiron 531 Athlon 64x2 4000+ (2.10 ghz)
    -250 gb hard drive
    -2 gb ram (came with one, I added the other)
    -NVIDIA geforce 8300 gs
    -windows 7 ultimate (came with vista, but someone uploaded 7 for me, don't have a cd)
    -owned it for about 3 years.

    So it all started about a week ago. While checking my email, the screen went all black and the light on the keyboard went off, but the cpu was fine. I manually shut it down and turned it back on. I got a black screen with options -start windows in safe mode/sm+networking/normally etc- I chose normally. the action center on the task bar said the video card failed and basically I needed to update some driver. I went to the nvidia website, and in fact, I did need an update. After fixing everything, everything seemed normal. problem gone, right? wrong. after a couple of days, I started my computer normally, and I didn't get my normal display. I got these:

    It seems like safe mode, except that with safe mode I get no background (up there you can see I get one, a crappy, corrupted one, but I get one) AND even if it is some sort of safe mode, I didn't promp it, which shouldnt happen, right?

    When I got these, I rebooted and the computer started normally. A couple days ago I got a windows update for nvidia, which I installed and before that, kapersky ran a scan. I checked online to see how bad a problem I had, and most help forums suggest that the "fan needs to be cleaned". So I turned off and unplugged everything. I opened the cpu, and I cleaned the whole thing really. Now I'm thinking I should have no further problems.

    I start my computer and it starts normally. The task bar and some icons load, and while waiting for the gadgets, boom. Screen went black and the comp crashed on me. this time I didn't touch it. it rebooted by itself, and once again, I got the black screen with the options. I chose to start normally. Again it crashed, and this happened about five times. I tried system restore. I tried system repair with a repair disc. nothing. eventually I chose safe mode, logged on, shut down and went to sleep.

    Next day, the computer starts normally except kapersky is going crazy. something about corrupted database. after fixing that, the damn computer runs like nothing happened. For about 5-6 hours. first I only surfed the web. after 6 hours, I decide to listen to wmp and at the same time use this program (sweethome3d) which is kinda heavy. again, the computer died. I manually shut it down again, and chose to start it normally. It started like in the pics above.

    I checked the device manager, and it said nvidia has code 43. Then I found this site. so I followed what you said to do in option #3. I uninstalled nvidia in safe mode. I restart. I get a weird windows, not corrupted, not safe mode, but I'm not really sure it's 7. oversized icons, but images look fine. kinda like vista. well, it loads and it automatically looks for nvidia. it installs it and says that I need to restart the computer in order to complete the thing. so I restart. the log on screen looks like 7. seems fine. here's the problem. I get taskbar.. and crash. I tried the whole thing like 3 times now, and this happens over and over again. plus, IDK why the taskbar's baby blue now (used to be gray, not that I care but might be important ?) .

    right now I'm typing this from the vista looking windows. it just found the nvidia drive and I'm supposed to reboot for it to work, but I think I'm just gonna shut this thing down after posting this. I have this guy that's fixed my comp a couple of time (virus/spyware problems) but last time he charged me 100 just for updating to 7 (I might as well purchase the update from microsoft right?) and he lost all my music and pictures after I asked him to save them and he said he would.

    anyway, sorry for writing so much. I really hope you can help, or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong or missing. Thank you for reading.
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