Need Help with i7 930

Hi there Recently started tinkering around to OC my i7 930 I've been reading some guides and followed alone pretty closely but for the life of me i cant get anything to run prime 95 smafft stable, my MB is a GA x58a UD5 heres what I've done...

EIST [disable] Turbo [disable] C1 [disable] memory enhance [standard]

Cpu Multiplier [x19] Bclk [191]

vdimm [1.65]
cpu pll [1.88]
QPI vtt [1.35]
vcore [1.275]
ioh [1.20]
ich [1.20]

thats everything I altered in the BIOS at first... Prime95 BSOD'd so i made some changes over time i've tried...
lowering bclk to 190... fail
setting multiplier to x19 and bclk to 211... fail
going back to x19 bclk at 191 upped vcore to 1.28... fail, vcore to 1.30... fail
Lowered DDR ratio to 2:6 to lower ram clock to 1150 (or something) because i'm only running 1333 ram and my OC put it up to 1540, thought this was the problem for sure but... fail.

I've since gone back to stock but i really want to get my 930 running 4ghz. Most guides i've read only refer to the 920 so it's hard to get solid answers and most of those seem to think you can run this OC at the settings listed above with no problems. I would continue raising the vcore, I've read you can go up to 1.45 with half decent cooling but I'm a little weary of going beyond 1.30 without knowing for sure that all my other settings are good.

Before I get the 'must be a bad cpu or something' reply i should let you know that with everything stock ive ran prime95 6+ hours stable and my cores topped out at 72C. I have a H50 cooler with x2 56cfm fans in a push/pull config.

Any advice would be much appreciated I'm dying to unlock the true power of this cpu!
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  1. Your at Intel's max thermal spec already at stock speed, don't know how your going to push it to 4.0 Ghz with your cooling.

    I know it's not popular anymore, but we used to start off slow and work your way up to OC a processor, that way you know what voltages your chip and MB need as you go.
  2. It's in a pretty warm room also i could be confusing the temp with what it was after OC i'm idleing at 34C now, is that hot?
  3. I wouldn't worry about the idle temps, just load temps. The sensors aren't usually that accurate at idle.
  4. I know that my temps never went above 80 when runnig prime95 after OCing to over 4ghz and I'm talking about actual core temps, not the cpu temp which is always cooler by around at least ten degrees. I'm pretty sure my cooling is good to go.
  5. Use Coretemp or Realtemp to monitor your cores and YES it's completely up to you how hot you want to run it, BUT Intel's spec is LOW 70's for your processor core temps.

    Just MANUALLY set everything at default voltages and up your Bclk until it fails then slowly (one at a time) up your voltages to see if it wants vcore or VTT or IOH, etc. until you get the OC you want. Takes a little more time but this way your not poking and hoping.
  6. ok well i've heard that as long as your below 80 your good.

    Are you saying i should say up vcore, test. up vtt, test. up pll test... ect and if it fails up vcore again test up vtt againg test... ect? I'll try it but do you think i should start off by lowering my ram ratio to 2:6 for my ddr 1333 or should i really just go out and buy 1600?
  7. It's easiest to just keep the ram at or below it's rated frequency until you find out what your processor can do, since your CPU overclock means a lot more than your ram frequency does. Then you can play with the ram afterwords.
  8. another question, are those the only voltages i should have to play with can i leave the rest on auto? and i've seen many OC's that don't mention ioh or ich can i just leave those on auto?
  9. The thing I don't like about AUTO is that the Bios will increase the voltages without you knowing about it. MANY people do and are fine, I just set them to normal so the Bios doesn't increase (and most times over volt) them on me, or just set them to the default setting so I know where they are. Up to you.
  10. ok thanks i'm going to go back and read] and get to tinkerin
  11. oh one more question! could you recommend a testing prog that can test stability quickly like superPl?
  12. That's pretty quick, when going up I just use Prime95 Blend for 10-15 minutes then keep moving up. You can use about any, Intel Burn, OCCT, Prime95 and even SPi 32m if you want, just give it 10-15 minutes to get an idea of how high your temps will go. After you get it where you want, then run them longer to make sure about final stability.
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