Probably a dumb question

I purchased a case fan from best buy (maybe my first mistake). Ive built my own PC already and i THOUGHT i had an idea of what installing an additional case fan was all about. I have switch controlled fans on my antec steel 900 , but it was my impression that on case fans to control them you hook them up to the motherboard if they do not have a switch, and that the plugs could be found on my IP35-pro [still havent looked]

Anyway the point being, here is the fan:

Now... there isn't a thing for my mobo. Is this thing just 100% all the time? how do i control it? I don't want this 120mm blasting at full speed all the time that is not necessary, plus i think it'll be whiny at full throttle.

And before you ask about my thumb, i put my finger in a safe when i was like 6 and it cracked it open and has been growing split in the middle since.

Thank you!

edit: fixed a few bad fragments/repeated things.
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  1. Plug the fan's 4 pin molex female into a male 4 pin 12v lead from 'the power supply.' The fan has a standard 4 pin molex connector. The power supply has lots of 12v 4 pin molex male connectors. Plug it in, but be sure the machine is shut down when you do.
  2. I was able to get it started up just fine, what im wondering is how in the world to control the fan speeds since it has no connector going into the mobo for FanEQ
  3. Check Newegg for a fan controller.
  4. That fan isn't designed to be plugged into the motherboard, so the only way you'll be able to control it is to buy a fan controller.
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