Need to know what ip to use for modem to open ports

I need to open ports for my games since i cant host (any game) or join a lot of servers. I want to dmz my modem, then just forward the ports from my router to my pc.

Here is the manual to do that to my modem.

On the last step (19) it says i need to
19.To DMZ a device on the network. Enter its static LAN ip in the line 1 "All Ports" field. Click Save

But what ip do i use?

Also if i do this then will i be able to host games after forwarding the ports through my router?

I have tried connecting my pc directly to the modem before, with no help.

That is why i know it has something to do with the modem.

Any help would be great.
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  1. Just Bridge the DSL modem.

  2. What is that and how do you do that?
  3. Call Embarq and ask them. It would take too long to explain here.
  4. Ok yeah i am going to later. Thanks for the info.
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