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I'm about to order my pc, but someone on another forum told me I shouldn't be sure if the mobo I was picking worked with my CPU.

The mobo is:


and the CPU is:

Phenom II x2 240 Regor

Much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Yes it works.
  2. Make absolutely sure that it will recognize your CPU without a BIOS flash.

    I've heard of people buying motherboards that are originally AM2 board but support AM3 with a BIOS flash but unfortunately the BIOS flash needs a working CPU first.

    Just contact the motherboard manufacturer unless you can find out some other way.
  3. This is a common problem, and there is no 'theoretical', 'always applicable' solution, except a supported processor. I stick to Intels, and keep a cheap (~$45) Celeron for exactly this situation - you get a board whose 'as-shipped' BIOS doesn't support your desired CPU or stepping... Unless you can find someone who has had the exact situation - same board rev, same BIOS, same processor, same stepping - and knows the flash will work, there is no way to be sure that the flash will not 'brick' your board. I actually got curious, and bold; I was emboldened by 'frying' a couple flashes; and was so impressed by how thoroughly and robustly GB's 'dual BIOS' recovery worked, that I tried (on a DS5 with an E0 step Q9550) a flash from the 'as-shipped' F5 (which does not support E0 microcode) to F8d - and lived to tell the tale. Knowing it to work meant I no longer had to pull the water block to sub in the Celeron if the system did a BIOS recovery - but I cannot, as a general procedure, recommend this! If you don't mind waiting for an RMA, you might risk it, but know, for sure, there is substantial risk involved!
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