Can I recover data if HDD doesn't stay on long?

A few days ago I thought my case fan was going out. But then things got sort of laggy and my programs crashed when they should have been ok... It turned out to be my HDD and it crashed very suddenly. I turned on the HDD and it can load windows for about a minute and then it shuts off entirely.

It's not the PSU, I have replaced the HDD and the new one works (though my RAID controller isn't working for some reason).

Is it possible to pull anything off this drive if it can't stay on?
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  1. Hi there,
    Since you are have about a minute before your HDD "warms up" and crashes, the best thing to do is cool it way down by the "freezer method". Put it in a zip lock bag, add one of the drying agent packets like you find in vitamins or medication bottles, and push the air out and seal it. Put it in the freezer over night. Take it out, connect it immediately to a data and power cable and boot up your computer. Have your system ready to copy all your data over to a good HDD immediately. Hopefully you will get 30 minutes time to back that data up rather than just the 1 minute now.
  2. Thanks for your help John_VanKirk. I'll try this and see how it goes. Hopefully I can get 30 minutes, that would be enough.
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