Must I wait for the rumoured release of the ATI HD 4890?

I want to buy a new graphics card, ASAP. I have the HD 4870 in mind, because its cheap and powerful. The HD 4890 (the rumoured card that might be released in (+-)3 weeks) will be in the same price range and with more power.

What must I do? Wait for the HD 4890, or won't it be worth it. And if I should wait, how long should I wait? Example: until all the driver issues are fixed; until a review/benchmark etc..
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  1. It wont be weeks itll be days. And if you do wait, even the price on the 4870s will be lower, after a bit
  2. i just read that it might be another 5 days :O

    The HD 4870 will be cheaper. Seeing how its only 5 days I guess it won't kill me to wait :D
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