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I saw the benchmark's results here of i7 , phenom 2 x4 955 and 940 - http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/phenom-x4-955,2278-8.html and i am interested only in 3ds max rendering results - here the i7 renders an image 1920x1080 for 30 sec and 940 for 39 . Does it means if i render an image 3000x2000 pix with bigger quality the difference still will be 9 seconds ? I don't know which cpu to buy , i am not interested in other benchmarks - only in rendering in 3d applications. Please for some advices
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  1. No, the difference will not be 9 seconds. What matters is the image resolution eg: 3000x2000px, image quality settings (for example you have filtering options in 3ds like Lancos for example that takes more time), final gather (that take a s**t load of time to process) and so on. All those settings come into play and give different run times. Also in the memory department 3ds allocates 650MB for rendering. If you're running a 64bit windows and/or have 3GB+ memory then allocate manually 2GB for the rendering task. That will improve your rendering time. Plus 3ds is thread friendly so the i7 is your best bet.

    And to give a final answer, go with the i7 920 .. overclock it to 3GHz (a small overclock if you haven't done it befor) and you'll have something that's close to the i7 965.
  2. Depends on which of the 3 i7's you are talking about, 920,940, or 965 and then there are 2 new ones coming out 950, and 975 in which 920, and 940, will be discontinued. And I don't think it will be a 9 second difference with a bigger file. The i7's have a greater memory bandwidth then the Phenom II's do due to the tripple channel mem capability which effects system performance compared to Phenom II's dual channel mem capabilty with ddr3 on AM3 boards.
  3. Quote:
    Does it means if i render an image 3000x2000 pix with bigger quality the difference still will be 9 seconds ?

    Definitely not. 3D Studio Max being highly multithreaded means performance scalability is fairly predictable. i.e. the difference between 30s and 39s should be calculated as percentage and not an absolute.
  4. The i7 would certainly outperform the 940 by a good margin...
    It surely wont be 9 sec for 3000x2000 pix...they would expand geometrically...

    But the 955 would some what reduce the margin as it has a stock speed of 3.2GHz...
    If you are willing to spend for the best performance, no doubt get the i7...But if its is OK with you to loose some performance and save quite a bit of money, then the 940/ 955 is the best option...
  5. I talk about i7 920 and i am actually maya2008 32bit user but i can't find a cpu test with maya so the difference between these cpus in rendering big quality scenes and rendering of animation will be hudge or?!
  6. Thanks , i will go with 940
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