GeForce 9600GT vs GeForce 9800GTX

The GeForce 9600GT has 1 GB of GDDR3, the GeForce 9800GTX only has 512MB of GDDR3. But the 9600GT only has 64 Stream Processors vs 128 Stream Processors for the 9800GTX. Does having 2X the number of Stream Processors make the 9800GTX the superior video card? On Newegg after rebate the 9800GTX is only $10 more than the 9600GT.
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  1. 9800GTX hands down. Its no contest.
  2. ^ the GTS250 is slightly smaller, so it can fit in more cases
  3. Thanks for the advice, I figured with the additional processors, clock speed and all, the 9800 GTX is a better card.
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