Coolit Domino ALC Advanced Q6600 & 4870?

Hey all,

Atm i use a Golden Orb 2 which hits temps of 70°C on load and my ati card is at about 102°C on furmark but about 60-70 on games. So i am wondering if this system can hold up? I read a review and showed 32°C on the cpu load but cant find any topics or review for the 4870 using this system. I can use a 3rd party water cooling system from thermaltake for the card itself and use that.

Coolit Domino ALC Advanced Liquid Water Cooling

gigabyte ga-73pvm-s2h
Q6600 @ 2.89 1.300v
4GB Ram 2x2GB Sticks
200GB Sata HDD
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  1. The Domino ALC is a CPU cooler, not an extensive water cooling system. There are several reviews of the ALC online, it was quite a hot topic when it was first released so if you want more reviews google is your friend.

    If you're looking to use the ALC for your GPU it won't work, but you CAN use the ALC in conjunction with another watercooling system that one would attach to their video card.

    Not sure if i answered the question, because I wasn't sure what you were asking, but perhaps the advice will help.
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