Overclocking RAM DDR3 1333 to 1600 with MSI p55 gd80

we all know the default setting on the mobo is 1333 when actually the ram is 1600. but i have been looking around on how to do this, and everyone is use a different board then i am. im using the MSI p55 gd80 and my BIOS are different from everyone's. is there anyone out there that can help me out. and for future references, because its been so long; when im ready to OC my cpu, dont you have to OC the RAM aswell? hit me up. i would like to get this thing done and over with. thank you for your time

oh yeah and my ram is cosair xms3 2 x 2bg 1600mhz

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  1. Here is something I wrote in a different thread, which explains a bit about "why":

    "There is a "Base Clock" which has a default value of 133MHz for all i3/5/7. Both the CPU and RAM speed come off this with a "Multiplier". For example your i7 930 has a 22x multiplier (I think) and thus:
    22 X 133MHz = 2926MHz = 2.9GHz
    This is the clockspeed of the CPU.

    The RAM also has a multiplier, its default value is 10x:
    10 X 133MHz = 1333MHz
    This is the RAM speed.

    Though the RAMs multi can be changed. It has values of 10, 8 and sometimes 6. Notice that you cannot get 1600MHz RAM speed from any of these multis? Instead to get a RAM speed of 1600MHz the Base Clock must be raised to 160MHz. This would create:
    10 x 160MHz = 1600MHz

    But remember that the CPU speed also increases from the Base Clock with a Multi of 22x. This means the the new CPU speed would be:
    22 x 160MHz = 3520MHz = 3.5GHz

    This is an OC which you are not ready for with your stock cooling. Thus the CPU Multi must be lowered. Using a multi of 18x will allow the CPU to run at stock speeds:
    18 x 160MHz = 2880MHz = 2.9GHz

    Then to run the RAM at 1600 follow the above guide. Raise the BClock to 160MHz and lowever the CPU Multi to 18x. That should get you running at 1600MHz. "

    Does that answer ALL your questions? May I add that there is not really any performance increase for 1600 over 1333.
  2. ok that makes since. i couldnt find where the base clock for the ram in p55 gd80. i only saw one that was at 133MHz and figured it was for the CPU. but they both run off it? thats why your telling me to lower from 22 to 18 right? i just thought if you were OC your cpu, you would have to OC the RAM aswell.
  3. Yes both the CPU and RAM come off the same 133MHz bclock. Thats why when you up the bclock both the memory and CPU speeds change as I showed.

    While raising the RAMs speed to 1600MHz the CPU will raise to 3.5GHz, so to run at stock CPU speed you need to lower the CPUs multiplier. I said it all before just re read it again with this information.
  4. do you by chance own one of these motherboards?
  5. No I do not though I don't see how that would help much. All BIOSs are fundamentally the same.
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