Looking at getting a new 1tb HDD Samsung/WD?

I have been looking around at reviews on the net between the following drives. The price difference between the 3 is considerable. Im just wondering why the WD black edition is so expensive. The retailer Im getting it from is quite reputable in Australia, but I cant figure out why there is such a price difference between these models which perform very similarly, the WD black and samsung seem to be on par, the WD blue slightly slower.

Western Digital black edition 64mb cache - $156 (AU$)
Western Digital Blue edition 32mb cache - $110 (AU$)
Samsung Spinpoint F3 32mb cache - $68 (AU$)

I've never owned a Samsung HDD, and have not had good experiences using them at work. Seem to have a higher failure rate, and more catastrophic failures than WD in my experience, but havnt used samsungs for a few years now. Is it worth paying the extra for the WD? Is this price percentage difference similar to what other people see? Any of them good for RAID0? Also, im not interested in Seagate.....
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  1. I own a samsung 1tb hdd, and i must say its pretty darn fast and reliable. I too read reviews of the samsung vs wd blacks and there was just no competition: samsung are cheap, and blow the wd blacks out of the water.
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