Frame Rate Limiter ?

I've just wondering if there is some application that can limit MAX FPS to 30!
Why? Because when I play some games that run at 60 FPS(vsync=on) my CPU and GPU loads to ~100% and generates a lot of unnecessery heat and noise. I'm talking especially for GTA IV, when I'm in buildings, game runs at 60 fps and all my fans get laud.
The game that HAS FPS limiter is EndWar. It runs at 30 fps all the time(monitor refresh is 60Hz) and my system runs cool&quite and gameplay is smooth!
I can not lower refresh rate of the monitor lower than 60Hz so the only option is to find app that puts a cap of frames rendered by Graphic card.
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  1. hmm, thats bad news :(
  2. Here ya go. Read the readme, don't remember where I found it, but I uploaded it for you.

    Hmm. Just noticed the readme left out alot of instruction. Just use this as a template.
    [cpp]start C:\FPSLIMIT\FPS_Limiter.exe /r:D3D9 /f:40 /x:OFF /l:OFF "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Dead Space\Dead Space.exe[/cpp]

    r= renderer

    f= framerate

    x= Framerate display ingame

    l= logging

    Make a .bat using notepad, and use it to start the game.

    You can also use the FPS_limit.jar GUI to make this.
  3. thanks mate! I'll try it.
    but it is not working for DX10 :(
    Do you know how can I run GTA IV in DX9 mode?

    yuuhuuu, IT is working! that is exactly what I needed!
    Thank you very much GexX2 !
  4. NP. If it helps you might find a new version if you look up FPS_limiter and focus on Ms Flight sim pages, as I'm pretty sure it was a MS Flight sim page I got it from.
  5. I couldn't find new ver. of FPS_limiter. It seems that this is the latest one, but if you find something that do the same on DX10 games please post it here, I'll greatly appreciate it.
  6. GexX2 said:
    Here ya go. Read the readme, don't remember where I found it, but I uploaded it for you.

    Hey, this sounds like what I'm looking for! Unfortunately, the file reached its download limit. Can you re-upload it somewhere? I recommend FileDen or perhaps

    I have an old 1998 PC game that needs its FPS capped at 60 to run properly.

    If it requires command line/batch files, perhaps I'll write a GUI app for it to make it more user-friendly.
  7. Download it from here:;13233637;/fileinfo.html

    ...there is GUI that you can use to set up .
  8. Thanks a lot for uploading it so I could test it. This didn't work for my game though. Vsync doesn't work in the game, so I was hoping this was an app that could work around the lack of Vsync and control the framerate and keep it at 60 or less.

    If you know another app that might be able to to this, I'd really appreciate it, I've been searching for a few days now.

    Thanks for all your help either way, and thanks for the quick response.
  9. Can someone upload this file? Any links above works for me.

  10. I installed it but can't get it to do anything, here is what I get.

    I can't get it to open with Java, I am lost.

    Thank you, Aaron
  11. If your moniter supports it, you could just set its refresh rates to 30Hz and enable VSync for the same effect...
  12. the links are empty... pls upload again the links to download FPS limiter...thanks
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