Amd 7750 quad core?

i did a search on "amd 7750 quad" and could not find any discussion on unlocking the other 2 cores in the AMD Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition Processor.

if there is would you please point it out to me. if not has anyone tried or succeeded at unlocking the other two cores?
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  1. I've spent all day trying to do this. All I have so far to show that it recognizes the other 2 cores is in AOD. When you enable ACC then go to AOD and select "per core" in the ACC menu it will show 4 cores. I will continue to fiddle with it untill I reach a conclusion. Maybe we can figure this out.
  2. You need 790GX boards to unlock. Plus you experiment which voltage reading your PC will become stable. It has same concept as unlock Phenom X3 720
  3. have 7750 be cpu changed multip to 12 down to 2.5 had problems with reboot at 2.7 in the bios set to manual overclock not auto overclock and not to normal (at standard boot at 2.7 ghz when running amd overclock util became very unstable so not using it at 2.5 is stable at 16 deg and not bad on reboot its fine no problems) o also set the in the bios sure boot feat off and value core 0 to three to +8 all of them (running vista home basic with service pack 2 no problems hope this can help team green from ozborne south africa.
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