GA-EP35C-DS3R - continuous LOUD noise from audio ports

I've been using a GA-EP35C-DS3R mobo with a Q6600 CPU and Cooler Master eXteme Power 600w PS for the last 10 months. Just last week the fan on the PS packed up, so I got a replacement under warranty yesterday. Now, ever since I've connected the new PS, I'm getting this really LOUD noise from both the front and back panel headphone / line out ports. The noise is at the same loudness at all volume levels and only disappears when the volume level is brought down to zero. When I play an audio track, the noise overwhelms it completely, and all I hear is a faint scratchy audio track playing somewhere in the background.

Is this a mobo problem?
Has the on-board sound card failed?
Could it be a PS problem?
If it is a PS problem, will getting another PS solve the issue, or is the damage permanent?

I know I probably need to to take it back to the retailer, but given how little time I have, I thought I'd consult you all first.

Do advise!
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  1. If your computer worked fine, and then you had problems - any sort of problems - after changing one part ...
    (insert "duh" moment here :))
    then that component is the first thing I would suspect.

    I think one of two things is happening. Either you have some kind of ground problem (that you may not have caused) or the PSU has really excessive hum and noise on the DC outputs. What kind of PSU?
  2. Probably, when you screwed in the replacement PSU, the screws didn't give you a good 'case ground'; the screws should do it, but are sometimes occluded by paint or oxidation (not positive, but I think aluminum oxide insulates...); I always do this:
  3. Hi guys, thanks for the advice! Apparently it was a motherboard problem, and I got that fixed under warranty. Since the PSU was suspect, I asked for a replacement, and got that too. Everything seems to be fine for now, but I'm touching wood and keeping fingers crossed anyway!
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