I-O DATA HDCN-U USB Device no longer recognised with a drive letter - please hel

My external HDD isnt recognised, it doesnt get at Drive letter
Please help! details:
I'm using widows XP SP3
I tried CHKDSK on my external HDD. It said it couldnt lock and that I needed to unmount the disk to begin scanning (I stupidly agreed to it). Now I cant re(?)mount it. I've read up on other threads and usually it would be recognised on a reboot, right? but it isnt.

on device manager
-disk drives
-I-O DATA HDCN-U USB Device (the HDCN hdd not being recognised)
-I-O DATA HDCS-U (my other external hdd that is working fine)

on the properties panel it says the disk is working fine, but it doesn't come up under MyComputer.

I tried DISKPART and it (HDCN) doesnt come up on LIST disk or volume.

I'd appreciate any help. I know enough to be dangerous, but evidently not to be useful.
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  1. Let's try Disk Management to check it and assign a name.

    With the system running, click on Start and RIGHT-click on My Computer, then chose Manage. In the new window expand Storage if necessary and click on Disk Management. The right hand side will split into two panes. Each SCROLLS so you can see all they have. The upper one shows you all the drives Windows can use now. The LOWER RIGHT pane shows you those with different details and also other pieces of hardware that Windows does not understand.

    In the LOWER RIGHT pane find your troubled HDD as one horizontal rectangle. At its left end will be a small label box. To the right will be one or more large block(s) representing Partition(s) on the drive. In the block is some info: A Volume Name like My Spare, or whatever; a letter name like F:; a size; a File System like NTFS; and a status. If it does NOT have a letter name, RIGHT-clock on that block and choose to Change (assign) a name. You can give it any letter not already in use. If you do that, back out of Disk Management and reboot your machine so Windows can update its Registry and you should be able to use the drive.

    IF the drive already has a letter name BUT the File System says "RAW", you have a small corruption issue in the disk's management systems. For that you need to search the web for tools to recover data from a RAW Format disk.
  2. Thanks very much Paperdoc, but the problem HDD doesnt show up on the lower-right pane of disk management.

    I've since tried Paragon Hard Disk manager, it at least shows the HDD on its list of Basic Hard Disks - even though the size is stated as 2047.9 GB when its only a terabyte HDD. But the program fails when its tries to read or recover the disk, it cant do any operation on the disk.
    I've also tried Acronis Disk Director - and none of its programs recognis the HDD.

    Its strange that is comes up on the XP Device Manager, but so often doesnt get recognised by other programs.

    Are there any programs you can recommend.
    Thanks so much again for your help
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    OK, the computer cannot communicate with that external HDD in a case with a USB connection, although a different USB-connected HDD does work. That indicates the problem may be hardware, but it still could be software.

    The best way to diagnose further is to open up the troubled external HDD and remove the actual HDD unit inside, then connect it directly to an internal HDD port and power supply to see if it works that way. We don't know whether the unit inside is 3½" or not, nor whether it is IDE or SATA, so if you need help figuring out how to hook it up to your computer's mobo ports, post info here.

    If your computer can see the HDD just fine in My Computer, we'll know the trouble is the enclosure itself and its electronics. If not, you may be able to see some info about it in the lower right pane of Disk Management. Especially if the USB interface is malfunctioning, it can be very hard to examine an HDD in an external USB case, but it can work better (even if not perfectly) connected directly to a mobo port. So, what do you see on screen there? We can advise further with those results.

    NOTE: if you have data on this HDD and you see any messages about wanting to Format the disk, do NOT do it! That would wipe your data.
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  5. alrighty, i'll bight the bullet and crack it open. cheers for all the help!
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