What is the best AM3 cooler that doesnt need MB removal to fit?

I am way too lazy to remove all the stuff plugged into my MB and then remove that too to fit an aftermarket cooler, which is the best cooler that fits onto an AM3 socket using the supplied bracket on the MB?
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  1. Arctic Cooler 64 Pro, and there are more like that at www.frostytech.com,,,,,,:)
  2. my arctic cooler 64 pro I had to snip off parts of the mounting brackets to make it fit. I think the am2 cpu bracket had 3 nubs on the side , the am2+ has just 1 nub on each side of the bracket to mount a heat sink ..thats not a problem if it comes down to snipping a bit off the heatsinks mounting brackets to get it to fit.

    just something I ran in to on the arctic cooler 64 pro. it did work excellently and with minimal noise.
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