Did Asus Qaulity go down? Or did hard drive heat kill my mb?

I had a Asus A8n Sli Premium board for exactly 3 years and 2 months. I rarely gamed with it, used it mostly for movies and music. In the first 2 years the ethernet and sata 1.5 hard drive controller went out. 2 years later(now) it's dead and won't post. My case is well ventalated and I have fans to keep it even cooler. However, I had 3 350 gig Seagate 7200.10 hard drives in it(with a fan on those also). Did the heat of the hard drives cause my motherboard to go out prematurely like this or did the qaulity of Asus go down?
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  1. QC at asus has gone down in recent years ......
  2. i found a loose plug on the mb and fixed it. my apologies to asus.
  3. well thats good to hear.

    a loose plug?
  4. naw, i take it back. i thought it was. for some reason it started working again but then died out like it did before.
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