X58 VS 790 SLI Northbridge Chipset

Okay, so i have a 940 Phenom 2 overclocked to 3.7GHz, and im tired of DDR2 and slow ***, so ima move onto a Intel i7 semi bidget setup, Im useing a EVGA 260GTX GPU, and was wondering what northbridge chipset should i get for fastest gaming speeds. I don't know all that much about chipsets just that i want a fast one, I want sli because i have a 9800GTX i want to try and setup as a PHYX card, no idea how, but im sure i can figure it out. SO for gaming, X58 or 790SLI??
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  1. Forget the sli bit and get a high end video card for more fluid game play. The 9800 can't deliver deliver it.
  2. 790i is a buggy piece of garbage and it's not even a Nahelem platform. You don't need a PhysX card anymore it's already doable just with a single CUDA enabled Nvidia.
    790i will work with E8600 for gaming but 2 threads for the same price as a core i7 920(8 threads which is highly over clockable? When I had my 790i I was constantly struggling to OC my CPU and never did successfully but ever since I got my X58, I have had zero coasters, and will probably never buy an nvidia chipset for personal use ever again.
  3. ^+1. Unless you are lucky OCing on 790i is hard. Also the PII 940 is a decent CPU what do you want more CPU for? Go grab a 4870 (or GTX275/280) and be happy. Imo, no point in going i7 as you are GPU bottle necked. Also, how much RAM you got?
  4. I consider the 790i a blessing. It taught me so much scientifically. I would call it a research and development project for those really interested in the field, if you want to tackle it go on, it was much fun, but we're past that stage now since the release of the 8 threaded Intel processor.
  5. I have 4gb of DDR2 1066MHz, I do more multi-tasking and video editing stuff than i play games, so im not to worried about my GPU, im just really interested to get into DDR3, and i cant do that with a 940, and im just interested to play around with intel, ive been going with AMD for a long time due to low funds (college kid). thanks for the input everyone, its appreciated.
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