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Hi guys.

Im need some advice. Im looking to get a couple of Harddrives main use is storage only.
Now this is where the headscrather come to play.
Im looking at mainly 1TB - 1.5TB as im running XP and 2TB not really supported by Windows XP .... or so I heard

This is my options:

1. Seagate Barracuda 1TB [ST31000528AS], NCQ 7200 RPM 32 MB Cache, SATAII
- I like Seagate it has a 5yr Warranty but i had a few issues with the drive. I lost about 750 - 800GB of data twice. One time caused by bad sectors.
- I have a 250GB and a 500GB Seagate Drive never experienced problems with them
- I also read that the Seagate 1TB+ range has encounterd alot of problems, then again that was awhile back

2. WD CAVIAR Blue 32 1TB 7200 RPM 32 MB Cache, SATAII
- My very first drive was a Western Digital, never had any problems
- Where I live its a bit more expensive than the Seagate, but id rather pay a bit more for quality although it only has a 3yr Warrany
- At my first job we got alot of faulty harddrives which were mainly WD and Maxtor

3. Samsung F2 1TB 3.5" 32mb Cache, Variable RPM - SATAII - Ecogreen
- I have read alot of reviews that Samsung makes good harddrives and also alot of reviews saying that it is a bunch of bull
- Its Cheaper than the Seagate and WD and I read it runs cooler and softer which is a plus
- For the same price of the WD and Seagate I can get a Samsung F2 1.5TB 3.5" 32mb Cache, Variable RPM - SATAII - Ecogreen.

I prefer not to use Hitachi or Maxtor drives since I had to many problems with them.

So all in all. Every drive have their pro's and con's, but which will you recommend. I never used samsung drives but people told me just to give it a try and form my own opinion, so im considering the drive. I prefer the WD and Seagate since its running at 7200rpm but since im only using it for storrage a 5900rpm drive will do, thats where the samsung comes into play.

I'd like to hear your thoughts
Thanks in advance :sol:
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  1. I would recommend the Caviar Blacks 1TB which is not in your list.
  2. Well, I have had bad experiences with just about all the drive manufacturers. I 've had every brand fail on me, which is why we are going to solid state drives. Mechanical drives are just too volatile.

    So here's what I recommend, get a 5 year warranty. Lately I am recommending the Samsung f3 drives although I suppose they aren't the fastest anymore.

    I also would look at the WD green and black drives. I can't tell if low power appeals to you or performance, but the blue drives have a lousy warranty.

    Not sure about the F2 drives, although I hear good things. As a power user, if I could find a decent price on the WD 1TB black I'd probably go with that. I have an SSD however, so I am not concerned if I have the fastest mechanical drive.
    Therefore I would go with the larger capacity and get the F2 drive. But I personally would probably opt for the F3 and pay a bit extra if necessary.
  3. WD CAVIAR Black 64 1TB 7200 RPM 64 MB Cache, SATAIII
    I actually considered the drive for booting my OS but the price differnce is to much where I live if im using it for just basic storage.
  4. Get the same drive with the 32MB cache, the price difference wont be much. For OS, get an SSD if you are willing to spend a little.
  5. I looked at the Western Digital caviar blacK 1Tb/1000gb 7200rpm , 32mb cache it has a 5 years warranty, but for that price I can either get a 1.5TB Seagate or 2x 1TB drives. SSD not needed since im using it for storage. Ill look at that as soon as prices come down abit but the drive my OS is running of is fine at the moment Ill replace that at a later stage in life.

    I can also get the WD CAVIAR GP 1TB IntelliPower 64 MB Cache, SATAII. with a 3yr Warranty although its running only at 5900rpm, I dont mind since im using it for storage. but is it a decent drive? I dont want to buy a drive store about 750GB+ data and 2, 3 months later the drive crashes. Thats my main concern atm.
  6. Oh... If its just storage as a secondary drive, then the Greens serve the best. Lower power, low noise and low heat.

    Just dont get bigger than 1TB. If its good, then buy two 750GB!
  7. The smallest I can find is an 800GB drive in the Green but for a few bucks more I can get a 1TB, but ill look around.

    I can post my specs Buzz dont know if it will make a dif...

    Im just looking for drives that wont fail on me, i look very good after my drives i bought myself a new case just because it had bays with bit of cooling
  8. 1TB's i think would be safe. You can go for them. Just that smaller drives are a little bit more reliable. You don't loose at your data once, in case of bad luck!!
  9. I pretty much stick to WD.

    The latest WD 1 TB Greens have a 64 MB cache. Don't know why ...
  10. lists some PC component (including HDD) return rates taken from a
    large French online retailer. They have statistics from two time periods:

    September 2008 to March 2009:

    April 2009 to September 2009:

    In both cases, Hitachi and WD have on average the lowest HDD return rates,
    the Caviar Blacks/Greens doing particularly well.
  11. Thanks drevin, had a look on there.
    All in all the WD Caviar Green seems like a stable drive. Ive had a lot of good reviews and posts regarding this drive so Im switching to WD.

    Thanks to everyone's reply and input
    This weekend im off to go buy drives ^^
    Malmental i suggest go for western digital Caviar Green good price for storage or even Caviar black if you want to spend abit extra.
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