Forcing overclock on MSI GTX 460 Hawk with Afterburner 2.0

GPU: MSI GTX 460 Hawk

So basically I'm trying to force OC my gpu. OC'ing works fine, however there are some old gimped games I'm interesting in playing and whenever I launch the game, my gpu would go back to mid idle.

For example 780mhz core clock is stock, mid is 405mhz and idle is 51mhz. Doesn't matter if I run the stock profile, a higher OC profile, it still goes back to 405mhz while I'm in the game so I'm looking for a way to maintain the OC at all times.

btw I already tried editing the config file and setting the value EnableUnofficialOverclocking = 1, doesn't work.
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  1. It will only force the full overclock if it is required the old games u are playing must not be very intensive at all, another program you can use tho is rivatuner as a replacement to afterburner it allows you to set 2d/3d clocks independantly
  2. It's not very intensive yeah but I'm planning to use Fraps so by then the fps drop is somewhat harsh due to the GPU being at mid idle.

    Alright I d/l'd RivaTuner off Guru3D, is it RivaTuner224MSIMOA2009Edition.exe? I installed it and don't really see any options for that... Could you tell me where to look for?
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