Heat monitoring software and/or solutions for SATA drives?

Just had a hard drive die... 500 Gb... on my HTPC!!! (Thankfully I backed up to another drive.)

I'm thinking the culprit was heat. This system sits in the entertainment center, and the flow of the fans runs over the cards, Ram, and CPU, but the drives have dead air.

I ordered a new drive and a hard drive fan, but I realize I need to do more about monitoring the system's temp and health.

What are the options out there for temperature monitoring, specifically for hard drives?
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  1. Speedfan, for example. A free download.
  2. aevm said:
    Speedfan, for example. A free download.


    I use Speedfan to monitor the temps of the hard drives in my HTPC. I even found a Speedfan Vista Sidebar gadget, so I can monitor the temps from the desktop.
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