Whats a good HDD for $75

I have about $75 to spend on a new internal hard drive. WIll be used mostly for games. What is a good relatively fast one as far as 7200 rpm drives go?
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  1. Well for $75 you can get the WD Caviar Blacks 640GB at newegg.com. If the size is ok with you that is the best one you can get.
  2. Hi there,
    I agree with hellstorm, the Caviar Black 7200 SATA is great. Have even seen the 1 TB bare drive (no cable inst sheet or CD) for $79 on Amazon. For games, speed, would not choose the Caviar Blue, or Green even though they are less expensive, because they are not as fast, & the Green will spin down if not used for a short period.
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