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Is there a way to recover administrative password without doing a format and starting over?
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  1. Yes, but since we do not know if it is your computer, or if you are trying to hack into someone's computer, we cannot provide you with the information you are looking for.

    Sorry, has to do with the forum rules
  2. A recent clarification of forum rules has indicated we can supply a method to access a computer with a lost/forgotten password.

    Start the computer in safe mode (poking (not holding down) the F8 key during startup after initial power-on) and select Safe Mode as the method desired.

    If the built-in Administrator account has no password, you will be in and can go to control panel, user accounts, and then change the password on the affected account.

    If the built-in administrator account has a password someone else will need to advise as I don't have, or, access to password tools.

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  4. I found some additional help at this site-

    Their advice was to first back up the registry file. Then go to the registry and delete the password line. When you start up again you will be asked to do a password.

    Follow their instructions carefully. Print them out so you can do each step. For me these were very good instructions. I very much appreciated their help.

    larry 3106
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