ATI system monitor?

What is a good system monitor for ATI based GPUs? Similar to Nvidia system monitor that tells
you your CPU temps/CPU usage/GPU temps/etc
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  1. ATI CCC shows the temp,core clock ,memory clock and the fan speed.
    But it doesnt show the info about CPU.
  2. 1) you can use Everest Ultimate to monitor CPU temps, CPU usage, GPU temps, GPU usage, Fan speeds, HDD temps .... etc. It works on all hardware (ATI/Nvidia, AMD/Intel...)
    2) or you can use GPU-Z to monitor everything about your Graphic card only.
    3) there are a lot of other software available that will do the job.
  3. ^ I dled everst, but it has some issues:
    1. It's only trial version and doesn't give me 50% of the info in the main screen

    2. You need to open the entire program to see the specs - whereas I'm looking for a tool
    that can monitor your system settings on a sidebar. (ie. Rivatuner temperature display at the bottom
    toolbar, or Nvidia-sys-monitor's green info bar that can be displayed on the side)

    Any other suggestions? I already have GPU-Z & CPU-Z, but neither has the sidebar option.
  4. ATITool can do that as far as I know for the GPU side and Systool will do it for the CPU side although both have issues with some setups due to their age.
  5. k thxs, I'll check them out
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