Need PSU recommendations...

i need a PCU, ill be running an i7, with 3 way mem, 1600-1800 OC'd, 2 ATI 4890's, thats pretty much how much you need to know what kind of power supply i need, right?

I need something pretty, maybe some LED lights or shiny buttons :D, a 80% energy efficiency thingy would be nice

Also, what companys are the best PSU manufacturers? In order would be nice ;]

Dont mind me asking, does it matter if i go over my PSU wattage that i really need, like if i only need 750 watts and i gt 900-ish, can i set down the voltages or such to that the PSU will take in less energy and such or so
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  1. Minimum of 750w
    PC Power and Cooling, Corsair, Antec, Seasonic
    Personally i'd go with the 850w Corsair, the PC Power and Cooling 750w is a good buy right now

    other very good choices, but higher prices for bronze or silver badge.

    check reviews at
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