Upgrade P4 2.8 Northwood to P4 3.0 Prescott

Prescott has 800Mhz system clock and 1 mb L2 compare to 533Mhz and 512kb K2. Is it worth the upgrade. My Cousin gave his P4 2.8 PC to his daughter and thinking of upgrading the CPU. Is there a big difference? She's planning to use this for converting MP3 and playing games. Many thanks.
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  1. You'd be better off getting a Northwood that part with a 800 mhz FSB. Last P4 that was worth a darn and the last chip that held the performance crown for Intel until the C2D came out. The Prescott chip wasn't much of an upgrade over the Northwood part and it was WAY hotter.
  2. from cpuz how do you know if I have 800mhz?
  3. i've seen this from his PC
  4. Yeah, you won't see much of a performance upgrade, and it'll add more heat anyways. Can the motherboard overclock?
  5. As AKM880 said, there will not be a big difference and your cpu will be much hotter.
  6. What motherboard is it and what CPUs does it support?

    I have an old socket 478 P4 with HT @3.4 I need to shift. Can't be arsed to sell it. PM me if your interested.
  7. @ m1lez, is that a Prescott core or a Northwood?
  8. Keep the northwood. You wouldn't notice 200mhz. You could probably over clock that northwood 400mhz.
  9. I went from a 2.8 northwod to a 3.0 prescott and the diference is noticable, super pi runs 8 secs faster, the chip runs hotter but has a higher thermal envelope, run it with a good cooler and its a overclocking demon, running mine stable at 3.7ghz with 2gb ddr400mhz ram and it is still in daily use with a 1950 pro, it is a good upgrade as long as you only pay a litle or better free!
  10. I had a 3.06GHz Northwood...in a laptop. Ridiculous battery life in that beast.
  11. I've dell dimension

    cpu 2.8 northwood
    mobo w2562
    gpu ati HD 3850
    Ram 4GB
    PSU 550w
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