Is this too far?

K so I'm following the Stickied guide on overclocking Black edition AMD processors and raising the multiplier by .5 every time. I started at 16 and I'm at 19.5 with like 3.92Ghz, Is this normal? My CPU Voltage is at 14 "CPU-Z says 14.16" and CPU heat at 46'C normally around 38-40
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    Are you using Prime 95 to stress the processor?

    You should not let the CPU voltage on auto as it puts too much voltage on it, do you know how to use your voltages?

    You don't seem to know your voltages, 14.16 is impossible for you to be running. Do you mean 1.416?
  2. Yes, indeed. If you are reading (or think you are reading) more than about 1.5 volts on any current ot recent CPU, you need to stop and double check. Your readings do not pass the "Does this make sense" test.

    And your temperatures are too low for them to be load temps.
  3. Woops yes 1.416 on CPU-Z then 1.4 on bios. I live in a pretty cold room in canada, with a case with 3 fatty fans. I've been told I should get a new cpu fan but the temp never goes above 65' while primetesting.

    So raising the FSB is better than the multiplier right.. My ratio is 19x multiplier to 200.9 MHz FSB.. should I change that to something like 300 MHz, 12.5x To achieve similar CPU but a better o.c? (First time O.C) or even like 400MHz and 9.5x?
  4. Are you sure you can't lower that CPU voltage while keeping stability?

    OCing with the FSB is really no better. I would not worry about it.

    I think at this time you should just try and get that vcore lower. Other than that you seem pretty set.
  5. On the stickies note it said that fsb is the way everything connects with the CPU while the multiplier is the CPUs connect to everything and it's more stable to raise the fsb, maybe I can find a median which won't do anything but put my mind at ease. :p

    The voltage actually automatically raised when the multiplier raised to 17.5. Should I still lower it?
  6. Yes you should lower it, the Auto setting over estimates the required voltage. You should be able to lower it a fair amount.

    You theoretically get more performance when OCing the FSB. Though this performance increase is not very evident. Yes there is a small increase in benchmarks and people may say that the system is more "balanced" but really there is not much reason to.

    Though be encouraged to do so as it will give you more knowledge as you will be able to OC a non BE CPU. Though you will need to find a guide as you have to change voltages to allow the FSB to run faster.
  7. Higher voltages for fsb?
  8. To raise the FSB a large amount you need to raise a voltage. On the i3/5/7s this is the VTT voltage, though I am unsure about the AMDs. You need to read a guide.
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