ASUS G73JH-X3 + SSD Boot drive

I am trying to get the Corsair 128gb SSD set up as my boot drive. I am able to see the drive in My Computer but can't boot to it for Windows 7 install. Iv'e switched the 2 drive locations making the SSD 0 and the system just hangs. I used Acronnis to copy the factory drive and reset the bios to boot to the SSD but NG. I get a blinking curser in the upper left and thats it. I spoken with Asus and Corsair [who replaced the drive with a new one] but haven't gotten the correct info. Any info would be appreciated.
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  1. I am having the same issue sorta. I just posted a question similar,If you dont hear back just look up to my post.Hopefully someone answers mine or yours soon.Its confusing and I wanted to do it the right way the 1st time.
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