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Hi, everyone. I have a question about the video quality between ATI and NVidia. I am currently running a NVidia 8800 Ultra. I am not a big gamer but I do watch Blu Ray on my PC. I do want good quality video playback so I wonder, when it comes to video quality, who wins? ATI or Nvidia? If I upgrade, what cards should I look at? Any reply will be appreciated. Thanks!

Intel Q9300

NVidia 8800 Ultra

Samsung TOC 24HD

LG BluRay/HD DVD combo

Antec 900

Creative X-Fi Xtreme gamer
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    You want to go with an ATI card for bluray, I would recommend anything between a 3850 and a 4850.
    ATI cards decode the high def movies on the card (i believe) with no extra software,
    Nvidia wants to make you buy PureVideo to allow you to decode on the card.
    All ATI cards from the HD 3xxx and 4xxx series will give you excellent performance with Blu-ray and they include Native HDMI.
  2. Um your not a big gamer but you have an Ultra :heink:

    Anyway evongugg is quite correct. hardware decoding on card with teh ATI cards. I would recomend a HD4850, it has plenty of performance for its price point and being a 4 series the decoding hardware is improved over the 3 series.

  3. Also forgot to say that basic image quality isnt an issue these days. The default image will be differant as Nvidia cards and ATI cards are set up differantly.
    Basically you can set up either card to give almost totally identical images.

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