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hi guys..im building a new gaming rig and i wanted to know what u think..

considering prices at the store im buying from are quite similar (www.appinformatica.com), which one is better?

AMD phenom II x4 940 BE or INTEL CORE 2 QUAD Q9300?

ill use it for gaming the latest and future games mainly

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  1. the PII 940 beats the 9300 in just about anything.
  2. Well personally I'd go for the Phenom and overclock it ;)
  3. Phenom (you never know if AMD is going to pull the backwards compatibility again for their next socket)
  4. They're about the same, but I'd go with the Phenom II 945 for AM3. The LGA 775 socket that the Q9400 uses is done for so I'd go AM3 for the future upgrade potential and the DDR3.
  5. I think I'd go PII too.
  6. ok i think ill get the pII

    and what about the stock cpu coolers? are they trustful?

    im not planning to overclock it soon but maybe in the future if i will, i should get an aftermarket cooler right? ill also game a lot..
  7. ok ill take that in mind
  8. I'd get the PhenomII

    And stock coolers are fine at stock speed, but are not the quietest if if you ever do overclock then it would be best to change it. So no need to fork out money for an aftermarket one straight away.
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