Overclocking Ram with the i5-760

So I am a bit stumped to what could be going wrong so hopefully someone can give me some advice.

I just got my i5-760 and I love it. Easily got it to 4.2ghz with 1.3v Vcore, 1.25v Vtt/QPI, Ram 1.66v, and everything else stock voltage.

My ram is set to run at stock, which is 8-8-8-24 @ 1600, but I wanted to try and tighten the timings. I ran my ram at 7-8-7-24 for 12 hours with memtest and had 0 errors. However, windows (7) is absolutely unstable. I cant even run prime blend for more than a few moments before the system hangs or crashes. I've tried raising the VTT/QPI up to 1.29, raising the vcore, raising the PLL and PCH.

Now, if its capable of running memtest for 12 hours, I am going to assume the ram is okay with the tighter timings and my system is the one to blame for the issues.
The system at stock ram is absolutely rock stable (50 passes of intel burn test at max + hours of gaming).

Anyone have any advice or suggestions to get my ram and system to play nice with the tighter timings?


System Specs
Crucial Ballistix Ram 2X2
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  1. i would leave the pll and pch on auto. DRAM's highest voltage is 1.65v so i wouldnt go any higher then that. so it might not be your ram that is giving you the trouble. if the specs for the ram says 888-24, then i would set it to that. make sure you set the timing for each stick. cuz i forgot that once and it was throwing me for a loop. are you using correct cooling? and what motherboard are you using?
  2. i just saw the end of that. with your specs
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