Display problem when reinstalling XP

I reformatted my harddrive and am trying to reinstall XP, but I receive an error "Analog input cannot display this video mode". I had replaced the original Radeon PCI video card (no onboard video) with a newer PCIE Radeon card (HD3800)and don't have the original(X1300PRO). The new card only has DVI output. I changed the display adapter in the BIOS to PCI-E, but still receive the error.
Since I don't have a working display, I cannot finish the installation. How can I get the display to function? Do I need a monitor which supports digital input? Can I alter the card to produce an analog output? Help!
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  1. Problem resolved: the onboard fan on the video card wasn't turning and the card was pretty hot. Once that was resolved, the issue vanished.
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