1st PC build, $700 Budget

Hello, I am looking for some suggestions on what I should use for a new PC build. I am looking to use this as more of a multimedia center with HD video, and no gaming whatsoever. The budget I set for myself is $700-$750 floor, but depending on what is suggested, I am flexible up to $1000. The parts listed below is what I am looking at to put in the PC for sure:

Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.B 1TB 1000GB 7200RPM SATA2 16MB Terabyte Hard Drive
(2X) Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X4096-6400C5 4GB DDR2 2X2GB PC2-6400 DDR2-800 Cl 5-5-5-18 240PIN Memory Kit
Amd Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition Quad Core Processor Socket AM2 2.6GHZ 4MB Cache 125W Retail Box
XFX Radeon HD 4650 600MHZ 512MB 800MHZ DDR2 PCI-E DVI VGA TV Out Video Card

Besides that, I cannot really make up my mind what case/PSU I want to use/need for this build. I already have the monitor, dvd burner, keyboard and mouse already before you ask :) . I am not even set on the processor, the only thing for sure with the processor is I would like to go with AMD because of price and quadcore because of preference. I do not think I am forgetting anything, so any and all help with this build is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. You can save a bit and forget the graphics card.

    Just grab this nice little motherboard:

    Biostar 790GX
    It's not expensive and the onboard graphics will handle hi-def movies no problem.

    I take it your budget does not include a blu-ray drive?

    Are you looking for a livingroom shelf type case?
    This Antec already has an adequate PSU included
  2. Thanks Prozimon. The living room case really doesn't matter either way, basically whatever is somewhat low cost and effective. I am going to purchase the blu-ray drive at a later date, once the costs settle out and the burnable media gets a little cheaper. The only reason I went with the Radeon4650 was for the hi-def to rn smoothly, but if that board will do just as good, it sounds like a plan. Any recommendation on the quadcore by any chance? I was thinking of the 9950, then the 9550 because of lower cost, but then again with the phenom II's not being that much more, kind of curious if its worth the bang for my buck right now?
  3. You just don't need that much for your stated purpose.

    A lower wattage model would stay cooler, and I think that's important for a multi-media machine that needs to be quiet.
    Now, if you are converting 10GB pictures in photoshop, by all means grab a Deneb.

    If you can have the computer in a larger case, consider this:
  4. Ok, thanks, and i really like the 2nd case picked out there, really slick. I'm basically all done now. Just one last thing, if I was going to get a blu-ray drive, any advice on which one to get right now?
  5. Drives are easy, burners are a bit pricier and not real good yet I think. Might be worthwhile waiting a few more months, if you need a burner.
  6. Ok, cool, thanks a lot for all the help, I appreciate it greatly. Hope you have a good day.
  7. I would recommend this motherboard in a combo with a phenom II. This or this for quad-core. This or this for triple-core.
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