785G AMD board

Hi all, last time i was here you all helped me decide what parts to get. i was recommended a 780G motherboard. now i have just ordered my parts and i have just heard of 785G. luckily the 780G was out of stock so i can still cancel my order either today or tomorrow to change it.

here is a list of components so you have an idea of what i am working with.

550 phenom II x2 AMD
kingston 8500 4gb (2x2GB) 1066mhz memory
750gb WD caviar green HDD
19inch LG LCD 1440x900 monitor
some DVD rw lol

click product code for manufacturer information
current mobo - GA-MA780G-UD3H costing 73 pounds (+1 extra day wait)
competitor - ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO costing 70 pounds (same website)
competitor 2 - GA-MA785GMT-UD2H costing 70 pounds but website does not state when they will come, only option to pre-order

i would prefer the gigabyte to asus, but please unload all your opinions :)
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  1. Both chipsets will work fine. The 780g works better for hdmi support. Look for the southbridge 710 or 750 chipset with your board.
  2. The Asus Evo has that 140W support for future CPU upgrades, and looks sexy ;) Get that one.
  3. nevermind sorry but it isn't compatible with DDR2 memory, only DDR3 which is about 20 pounds expensiver. i don't want to downgrade anything else for this.. i'm already 10 pounds over budget lol. and will have to spend about 50 more in the future :(.

    thanks anyway and proximon if you have this in your components guide make sure to mention the 785g is only compatible with DDR3.
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