I7 920 vs 950

Im getting a new gaming computer soon and im wondering if i would notice a difference in gaming with an additional .4 ghz? I probly wont overclock since i have never done it before, but if any of you have a guide to overclock for stupid people (me) then i would love a link!
So far ive decided on 6g ram and a gtx 295 and a 1920 1200 res.
Thanks for your help!
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  1. the i7 920 + and OC would be best. i would also consider getting an after market cooler to go with it.

    as for instructions
  2. ok, but if i do overclock to say 3.2 ghz, would i notice a difference in gaming?
  3. In some games yes but no in all.Most likely the new games that will show up will use them. If you are building this rig for future proofing look at this: http://www.bit-tech.net/news/hardware/2009/06/05/confirmed-core-i7-920-940-950-to-go-soon/1
  4. This second post is just the one above sorry but my internet is seriously STUPID. Once again sorry. How can i delete my posts?
  5. Quote:
    920 will be faster up to 50% in apps then the 950. In gaming it's to close to call

    Really? That's odd - a D0 stepping Core i7 at 3.06GHz is slower than a 2.66GHz i7? When did that happen?
  6. i think it happened when AMD claimed the performance crown from intel a week ago.... *end stupidity sarcasm*
  7. ok so i might as well get the 920 since the main thing ill be doing with my comp is gaming, thanks!
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