Need new 1.5+ TB external.

Had enough with both Seagate and WD producing the most horrid external drives. Seagate drives, all 4 of them, have died on me. WD seems to have some sort of rootkit on their drive I can't seem to get rid of either, so done with them too.

Any 1.5+, (hoping 2TB) that are decent? Looked on Newegg and the results so far seem less than favorable. Would getting an enclosure and building myself be a better idea? If so, which brand of HD and enclosure would be best suited?
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  1. Western Digital Caviar Blacks 2x1TB for the internals.

    For external you can try Buffalo/Lacie. But frankly WD makes one of the best external HDD's as well.
  2. You can get your own enclosure , and any SATA drive. Newegg sells enclosures and hard drives,
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