My First Overclock

Hey guys, total Noob here so be gentle..........

So after many months of reading and researching, i finally put together a new home rig picking the best components i could afford. It's for general computing, watching/ripping videos, lots of MS Office Apps, Word, Excel (With extensive detail and multi tabbed spreadsheets), some web development (MySQL, PHP, Java, etc..), i may play the odd game, but i've got the PS3 and Xbox 360 for that stuff. I just wanted to build something decent to have and last me for a while. My PC runs 24/7. I rarely, if ever turn it off.

My Build:
Cooler Master Storm Sniper Black Case
Asus P7P55D-E Pro MB
i5-760 CPU
2 X F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM G.Skill (Total 8GB Ram)
Scythe Mugen 2 Rev B cooler
WD1002FAEX 1TB Hard Drive - I know i should of went SSD, but $$$$$$ Future Upgrade....
Corsair HX750 Power Supply
Sapphire Vapor-X HD5770 1GB
Windows 7 - 64 Bit

So i've been experimenting with overclocking, based on many posts here and other places, with pretty good success. However, here's my question (Probably first of many.......) I can easily hit 4GHz on air, but i can do it several ways. My computer is at home so i don't have any screen prints or anything to share until i get back home.

How i started overclocking:
Enter BIOS - Load defaults for Motherboard.
Disable Asus Express Gate
Disable C1E, Speedstep, C-State and Turbo
Leave Load Line Calibration to Auto
Set CPU Fan to Turbo Option
I think all other settings remained as their defaults based on the motherboard defaults.

Option 1: Seems to be the easiest on the system and easiest for me to achieve
BCLK Freq = 191 X CPU Ratio = 21 = 4011MHz
VCORE : 1.2375V - As low as i can get it to run stable
IMC: 1.1V
QPI (Auto)
DRAM V = 1.6V
DRAM Timings: 7-7-7-24 - i know it's supposed to be 7-8-7-24, but i stuck it at 7-7-7-24 and no problems so far?
Ram running at - DDR3-1528MHz

I've run CPU-Z to show settings, i run REALTEMP and Intel Burn Test(IBT)
I can run IBT 5, 10 or 20 runs with ram set to VERY HIGH and my temps go from min of about 34 ish to maybe about 70 celcius at 100% load. I watch the tests and the temps drop to mid to high 50's as soon as the load goes to like 99.9% so i thk it's running pretty good? The machine seems fast as hell to me......well, compared to my last machine (E6600 CPU)

Option 2: I can get it to run at 200(BCLK) X 20(Multi) but i have to up the VCORE to 1.25 or more and IMC V to 1.112V to get it stable and of course it runs a little hotter (around 72-73 degrees)? However, with Bclk at 200, my RAM is running at DDR3-1600 which is it's normal setting (I like to get what i pay for..... :O)

Option 3: i can run it at 182(Blck) X 22(Multi) as well, but then my ram runs at 1400MHz and the CPU needs more voltage than option1?

I think option 1 is good but again, i'm a total NOOB at overclocking so what the heck do i know? What's better when overclocking. Should i run higher BCLK (200 vs 191) or run what takes lower voltages and less heat?

Thanks Guys ahead of time.
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  1. I didn't know the i5-760 has unlocked multiplier...

    Are you sure its not the turbo kicking in?

    Anyways, those are high clocks on low voltages. I envy you...
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