hey guys i got a hold of a intel Core 2 Quad QZTA ES 2.333Ghz 1333Mhz FSB 12M its a engineering sample. my question is are this type of cpu's for everyday use? the reason a bought it is because the multiplier unlocked and i can overclocked like hell with it. what do you guys think? a keeper?
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  1. i just found out that this type of cpu is illegal to sell. now what do i do? go mine from ebay. little haelp guys
  2. keep it and sell it in the black market. side streets, word of mouth. if you want. otherwise keep it and build a machine with it
  3. Tell Intel and see what they offer you for it. I've heard they often like to get their ES chips back and will trade you for a similar/better chip or buy it off you.
  4. i think i heard somewhere that the ES CPU's have an unlocked multiplier too
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