Blue Screen while trying to install Windows XP

I just purchased a new XFX 630i Motherboard, Core 2 Duo 2.8 CPU, 4 gb DDR2 800 Ram, and 320 gb SATA HD. I installed everything and everything boots up fine, but when I tried to install XP as soon as I start installing it to the HD it gives me a Blue Screen. So I tried installing my Vista Ultimate and I got the same thing. I took out a stick of ram and still the same thing. Not sure what else to do. I even tried uninstalling the SATA HD and I used an old IDE HD to see if it would install to that and it would not. I need help please.

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  1. you said "boots up " but booting is when windows starts so I think you mean when the computer POSTs . Usually theres a single short beep if the POST is successful .

    You should have the option to enter BIOS [ start up menu ] by hitting the DEL key .

    Can you do that?

    and when you do does it show the hard drives and dvd connected?
  2. Yes! It post with a single beep. I was able to enter the BIOS and it did detect the hard drives and the DVDROM. I know this much is correct. These products are brand new out of the box. I am now sure what is going on.
  3. some times brand new products are faulty.

    If Windows just wouldnt install on the IDE drive it may be because it and the DVD drive were both on the same IDE cable and both were set to MASTER . if thats the case change the jumper to make the DVD a slave and try again .

    Assuming it blue screened on the IDE hard drive then the next most likely problem is RAM .
    Did you try the other stick by its self ? You may have left the one faulty stick in place .
  4. You may also want to check the voltage requirements of your specific memory and the bios voltage settings for the memory as some of the memory out there does not work well at the default voltage ..... I would also check the voltages shown in the bios as some power supplies are terrible at giving you what you need ..... If these thing are within the necessary parameters then what is the error shown in the blue screen?
  5. The ram that I am using is corsair DDR2 800Mhz, 1.8V ver4.7, it also shows this 5-5-5-18. I am not sure what to look for in the BIOS as to what parameters should be. I am going to try an install with a new PCI Express Video Card, just in case it would not load because it could find the Motherboards Graphics Drivers. I will let you know the codes, if it does not install.

  6. What about having AHCI turned on in your BIOS. I don't think XP natively supports it does it?
  7. AHCI is not turned on... Is it supposed to be. I have these 3 options Raid, AHCI, or IDE.
    I tried installing using the new video card and it didn't work. This is the code I am getting.
    0x00000124 (0x00000000, 0x814EB024, 0xB2000040, 0x00000800)
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