I5 760 / Hyper TX3 hot temps

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the forum so please forgive my newbness.

I wanted to get some insight on my current temps. On stock CPU and RAM settings I'm getting 30C idle and 70C load temps about about a minute using prime95. My ambient temp is 20C. I have tried to resit my heatsink fan many times and this is the lowest temps I can get.

I overclocked my RAM using the XMP setting in my Bios which increased my idle to about 45C and my load to 70C +, I havent pushed it further as I just turn off prime95. I then overclocked my CPU to 3.6ghz using Turbo Evo (I know its not recommended but I tried it as I have tried to read and research how to manually overclock the CPU in bios but it is very confusing to me). Since these temps are way too hot from what I read online I have appropriately set everything back to default settings in my bios.

Does anyone know what can be the problem with my current temps and how I can fix them so I can overclock my rig?

Also, I have the fans running at 100% through all the tests as I don't mind the noise levels in order to get lower temps. My case currently has 3 Fans (2 on top, 1 on the back)

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated! :cool:

Here are my specs:
Lian Li K62 tower
Intel i5-760 2.8ghz
Master Cooler Hyper TX3 (1 fan attached, using Artic Silver 5)
ATI HD Radeon 4830
GSKILL 4gb 1600 DDR3 Ram
ASUS 21.5 LCD Monitor
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  1. If all 3 of your case fans are exhaust, then you need an intake at the front for sure.

    The stock temps with 20C ambient should definitely be lower.

    You can try removing the side panel and see if temps are better. If yes, then you know it's an air circulation issue.
  2. try to lower the voltage a bit
  3. For the calibre of components you have the TX3 is a little on the light side.
    It's not a bad cooler but a Hyper 212+ or any quality cooler with 120mm fan/s would be more suited for your rig.
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