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Just got and installed my new Vertex II 100g last night. I switched over from a raid 0 using 4 500g samsungs. My current setup is now Win7 installed on my ssd (clean install) and running my 4 500g in a raid 0 for storage and media streaming. I have read alot about making sure the ssd is in AHCI mode, well, with my mobo all sata devices are either going to run IDE, AHCI, or RAID. If I change to AHCI then I lose my Raid, all 4 discs show individual IDE. So I have left it on RAID and I get everything the way I want. Question is, Is there a better setup I should be using? or do I have it done correctly. So far everything is working ok and I am happy, just want to make sure I am getting the value of this drive. Thanks
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  1. If its all working fine then you've done a good job.. No point bothering over it unless of course you run across any issue(s).. Btw, how do you find the single SSD when compared to the 4 drive RAID 0 config.? I am under the impression that your RAID array will be performing faster compared the SSD..
  2. I havent had a chance to run any taxing programs, but as far as installing and booting, the ssd id lightning fast in comparison. I will know more once I have installed some more programs and had a chance to run them. But so far I am very pleased with the performance of the SSD. I started the install of windows last night, went to make a ham and cheese sandwich and windows was fully installed on the last boot when I got back in, I thought something was wrong when I walked in, then the screen asking for username popped up, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor
  3. You'll have to keep everything set to RAID. Just download the Intel RST 9.6 drivers and you'll get TRIM support for RAID.
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