Phenom II 555BE unlock stability issues

Ok, so thanks to this forum i managed to get my phenom II 555 black edition unlocked.

It boots into windows for a lol but now it is unlocked I am having issues with stability.

I initially went on counter-strike source after unlocking and it performed perfectly for about 1 hour. However, I then loaded prime 95 blend test I get instant restarts without a BSOD. Also, upon logging into WoW I get the same restarts after around 5-10 seconds, this leads me to believe it is the RAM perhaps?

I've messed about with the voltages of the CPU going all the way up to 1.5v, NB to 1.300v or something close to that and the ACC set to "per core" changing core 2 and 3 to +2%, +4% etc... through all the positive and negative ranges.

I guess it's worth mentioning I am using the motherboard MSI 770t-C45 and 4x1GB ddr2 sticks and have tried loosening the timings to 6-6-6-18 which gave me the same result; restarts!

Anyone have any suggestions for me or is this just a bad egg?
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  1. Dont randomly change things through the entire range on spec,

    Theres a few B.E. guides on here to run through if you need to, if you tried running prime and it wasn't happy, you went too far
    Put everything back to standard settings, cpu,ram everything
    make sure you can boot normally,
    then unlock the chip again, set it to all cores, not per core for now leave the +/- at 0%, check you can run with them both unlocked,
    use the Ez clocking thing in your bios to clock the chip one increment at a time (Think its 5%) check its running fine after every adjustment
    go slowly and make tiny adjustments one at a time,
    Might not hurt to try booting one stick at a time as well just to doublecheck the ram
    I'll check in in the morning see how you get on
  2. What's this "EZ clocking" you're talking about? Don't think i've seen that.
  3. I've tested the 0% on all cores which still resulted in instant restarts. I then tried all +2% to +12% and -2% to -12% on all cores with identical outcomes.

    I tested the RAM stick by stick about 1 week ago and it was fine.

    Could you enlighten me on this EZ clocking though please?
  4. I'd say your locked cores aren't totally stable. If you can, boot with 1 off, if that's unstable, try the other off. If you can't get either to work, leave them locked, they're probably defunct.
  5. Ez overclocking is an AsRock feature, my bad for misreading your Op :P it basicallly overclocks your proc frequency in 5% increments, I'm sure msi has something similar
  6. Well yeah, i do have something like that except it is two little switches on the motherboard which i guess are there to simplify overclocking by not having to touch the big scary bios. However, I don't really care about overclocking. If i could get a 3.2ghz quad i'd be over the moon and as it is it's not stable at 3.2GHz so overclocking would be a bit futile.

    Any ideas how to get it stable or is it plain and simply a bad chip? Seems unlikely to me as it can play CS:S and boot into windows and it just restarts instead of BSOD.
  7. whats the standard settings on your ram? seems a bit tight depending on what speed its running at,
    I'd say its looking like a dodgy core though if you cant get it running at stock speeds stably,
  8. DDR2 667mhz, default is actually 5-5-5-18
  9. cool, in that case as I said in first reply,
    set it all back to standard, clear cmos then once your up and running stable, go for overclocking, shame about the cores but such is the gamble :(
  10. Yeah, thanks anyway.

    Got it at 3.9GHz on two cores at the moment.
  11. thats not bad at all though :)
    2 cores at 3.9Ghz will be better for gaming than a quad at 3.2 on most games at the moment, maybe try to get a third stable but dont worry if you cant :)
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