HELP!!! Cpu fan stopped working!!!!

When i booted up my computer this morning, there was a screen that told me cpu fan error and i checked and the cpu fan wasnt working. i plugged the cpu fan into another 3-pin connector and it worked. Do u guys know whats the problem? :heink: :sweat:

M4a79t deluxe motherboard
Zalman cnps 9700 cpu cooler
amd phenom II x4 955
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  1. It's possible the fan has partially failed, so that it is needing more power than your board is supplying. Is it making extra noise?

    You might also try disabling any fan control settings in the BIOS, so that it runs at max power.

    You can even just run the fan off of the PSU if you can convince the board to allow that. You'll need an adapter of course.

    Are you using the fan speed controller that came with the cooler?
  2. no im not using the controller. well last night everything worked fine and the fan noise and everything is regular. its only when i turned it on today that the cpu fan doesnt work. i mean i plugged it into another 3-pin connector and it worked but there's a couple of problems:

    1. i have another fan over there
    2. right after the bios screen it tells me that the cpu fan isnt working even tho its physically spinning
  3. See if another fan will run off that socket.
  4. Nope the power's dead on that socket. if i just leave that socket alone then i would lose 1 case fan and on top of that i would have a cpu fan warning everytime i boot up
  5. also whats an alternative option to replacing my mobo????

    m4a79t deluxe's cost a bunch these days
  6. RMA?
  7. So it's not still under warranty?

    As long as the BIOS doesn't freak out you can just run the fan at full speed off of the PSU.

    You should ask yourself why it failed though. Maybe it's just a random event or maybe it's a sign of motherboard or power supply issues.
  8. The easiest solution is to disable cpu fan warning in the bios and run the fan directly from the psu as mentioned before. However you won't be able to control it anymore. You don't have any spare sockets left on the mobo?
  9. no how about using the fan speed controller from the package????

    well as for the warranty i got it from frys and i didnt want to pay like $50 extra for the warranty but there is a 3 year manufacture warranty and i got the board like only two months ago.

    also i dont know how to disable the warning in the asus bios

    almost all my case fans are connected to the mobo so that i can see their fan speeds
  10. Yes you can use the fan speed controller but you need to be careful that your CPU stays cool.
    I would not recommend running it off another socket in your board because it might try to control it based on NB temps or some such, and result in overheating.

    And yes, you should open a ticket with Asus.
  11. im starting to think that my mobo has problems because of the fact that if i sleep/stanby it, it will automatically turn on sometimes
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