OC Genie and Ram Frequency Issue

I have an MSI 890GX G65 motherboard with OC Genie. It has gotten my phenom II X4 970 up to 4 ghz easily and increases the fsb in the process. However, this all ends up leaving my 1600 OCZ Black edition ram running at 450 mhz?! When I try to change the FSB/Ram multiplier it won't stay.

Is manually OCing the only way to get the Ram from being slowed down? I'm lost.
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  1. Manually OCing is the only way to achieve optimized OCs. I would recommend not using software and instead OCing using the BIOS. This allows for much safer OCing and more control. To do this you need to read a guide.

    Are you stress testing your CPU and checking temps? Without this you could be hurting your CPU without knowing. You need knowledge to OC and using software makes people think they don't.

    Here is a guide, I suggest you use it:

    Please reconsider using software and read that link. You can use software sometimes but you still need to know what your doing.
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