New install, USB 1.1 only, no USB 2.0

I just completed my build yesterday. Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H, Phenom II 720, 4GB Crucial DDR3-1333.

I installed Windows XP 32-bit to test everything out. Installed all service packs and updates. I installed the Gigabyte motherboard drivers from the supplied CD.

When I plug in a 2.0 USB device it tells me that it'd be faster if I plugged it into a USB 2.0 port. It doesn't matter if I plug in from the header USB port on the MB (through front of the case) or the rear USB ports on the mobo. So, I'm not running USB 2.0 I assume. The Hardware Profile page in XP has a "?" over Other Devices and lists Universal Serial Bus (USB).

So, I'm trouble shooting what's wrong. Does it sound like I'm just missing a proper driver or something? I'm wondering if there's be any hardware issue. Like, if I have a USB mouse plugged in it'll default all USB to 1.1 or maybe some BIOS setting needs to be updated?

Thanks for reading.
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  1. It does sound like it's missing the driver. The driver should be installed with windows updates. Try manually having windows xp check for updates and choose the "custom" option.
  2. Likely the USB device is not able to reach transfer rates Windows OS considers 2.0 worthy.
  3. Agree with OG. Driver should be installed with windows updates.
  4. Figured it out. See, I installed from an XP 1.0 disk, pre SP1, pre everything. I did a manual update of the two "?" drivers from the Device Manager and vavoom, I'm rocking USB 2.0.

    Thanks for the replies.
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